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Chookas Youth

"It was so great to see auditions from the other side of the table. I am so grateful to have been able to sit down and see what people look like while auditioning and not have to worry about my audition. I was able to get into the mind of someone who would be casting a show, and understand what parts of a performer make them an amazing performer. I got to see how a person can be incredibly talented and yet not quite fit in the show. I got to learn more about what a panel would be looking for and what I need to give" - Leelani. Chookas Youth 2022

CHOOKAS Youth is a year-long sponsorship for creatives 15-21 years of age. Chookas take on 2 young people every year to assist in their development as a performer and creative. This opportunity has been developed for 2 individuals who may not get the opportunity elsewhere who have a passion for theatre.

Chookas Youth have the opportunity throughout the year to engage in professional development and have an inside in to our rehearsal rooms and venues working with our regions leading industry professionals to learn and develop different theatre skills. 

Perks of being a Chookas Youth;

- Theatre Workshops and classes

- Free tickets to Chookas performances

- Access to rehearsals for all productions

- Backstage experience and training 

- Free tickets to professional shows in Sydney

- Q&A's with artistic teams and Newcastle's leading industry professionals

Applications for Chookas youth Ambassador 2024 are closed.

Can you support our Chookas Youth?

Chookas Youth Supporters donate to allow our young creatives access to professional development opportunities. Donations can be made in monetary form or in ways of access to free tickets, classes or workshops for our Chookas Youth.

If you’d like to be a supporter in 2024, contact us at

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